With the spike in COVID-19 cases and the threat the double mutant virus poses to the general population, it is impossible to ignore the current crisis. Scientists and medical professionals are looking for different ways and means to contain the situation, while authorities insist on following all COVID measures. ThatRead More →

New Delhi: Medical inhalers or inhaled glucocorticoids that are commonly used by asthma patients may possibly reduce the risk of serious illness and hospitalization in patients with Covid-19, a new study Posted in The Lancet Journal found. Inhaled glucocorticoids are medicines that contain corticosteroids (medicines that reduce inflammation in theRead More →

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A man was arrested earlier this month after Jacksonville police said he was injecting people with Botox without a license and drank Four Lokos while doing so. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Director Mike Bruno said Wednesday that Nelson Amilcar Turin, 47, “was willing to let his customers takeRead More →