5 most harmful products for the liver | NEWS.am Medicine

In an interview with SOLENKA.INFO, gastroenterologist Andrey Borisov listed the five most harmful products for the human liver.

The specialist recalls that the liver is one of the most important organs. It actively participates in metabolism and eliminates toxins from our body.

The gastroenterologist notes that all kinds of burgers are really toxic to the liver. The fats in the meat and the oil in which it is fried significantly impair the functioning of the liver, which can then cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Also negatively affecting the liver is a popular and loved by many people pizza. Eating pizza on a regular basis can cause fat to accumulate in liver cells, which can lead to inflammation of this organ. In turn, inflammation often turns into cirrhosis.

Sweet cream contains a lot of sugar and fat. Such a combination negatively affects liver health. The specialist recommends abandoning the daily consumption of coffee with cream.

The evil of ice because the liver is part of the composition of the cold delicacy appreciated by many. In ice cream, as well as in sweet cream, there is a large amount of fat and sugar.

According to WHO statistics, 90% of the inhabitants of our planet consume alcohol not just on vacation. At the same time, about 45% of the population, mostly men, regularly drink alcoholic beverages. The gastroenterologist pointed out that most of the alcohol that enters the body is processed in the cells of the liver. As a result, excessive alcohol consumption significantly burdens our liver, which can lead to unfortunate consequences.

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