American Idol’s Grace Kinstler Drops Her Personal ‘Breaking Me’

american idol alum Grace Kinstler dropped “Breaking Myself,” their first single since season 19 ended last year at No. 3 behind Willie Spence and winner Chayce Beckham.

During her run on Idol, the Chicago native shared that she lost her father the year before. Now, in her “Breaking Myself,” Grace talks about this huge loss.

“…“Breaking Myself” is finally released to the world! Allow me to share a glimpse of the meaning behind this record,” Grace wrote on social media.

American Idol’s Grace Kinstler drops new single, Kat McPhee is a fan!

“As you may or may not know, 2020 was the year I lost my amazing dad. Following that loss, there was so much emotional turmoil, most of which I haven’t fully acknowledged. until recently. When he died, it felt like the world was imploding, and all I wanted to do was fix it,” Grace wrote.

“There was so much pain around me, I was worried things would boil over if I let mine out. Life is too short, but ironically it took me a long time to realize that ignoring my own pain to heal someone else was only prolonging the damage I was trying to undo. I finally learned that I can’t fix others if I break myself.

However, the past year has been the best of her life, says Grace. “Since 2020 I’ve been through so many amazing things, and 2021 has arguably been one of the best years of my life. It’s been quite a journey trying to navigate such polarizing emotions.

There’s more to come, Grace promises, “The feelings and sensations are too big to fit in one record, so my goal is that with each new release, you understand a new piece of my story and my heart. Sending you so much love!Thank you for being there and for your part in my life.

The contemporary ballad features open and honest lyrics, but with a retro vibe.

Grace Kinstler “Breaking Myself” Lyric Video

Grace explained the inspiration behind “Breaking Myself” a bit more in an interview with Joe & Tina on Chicago’s Star 1o5.5 podcast.

“I know people have various experiences of loss and will connect to the song in different ways,” Grace explained. “Overall I just wanted it to relate to multiple accounts no matter what you’re going through. I hope the song helps people feel heard and understood whether it’s by another person or even by yourself .

Currently living in Los Angeles, Grace has been recording for the past few months and has many more songs to share with her fans. “I love waking up and feeling like I’m in the middle of everything going on,” she shared. “It keeps me on my toes and it keeps me inspired.”

Additionally, Grace teased her appearance on Monday’s “Great American Idol Reunion” special. The singer is set to perform a duet with fellow Season 19 Top 3 star Willie Spence. She added that during the special she will reveal the team she worked with on new music. She hints that it’s someone she collaborated with in the Season 19 finale last May. During the 3-hour live episode, Grace performed a duet with Alessia Caraand also performed a group number on stage with Shaka Khan.

The Great Idol Reunion airs on ABC at 8 p.m. Monday, May 2.