Amplify Medicine Hat – Moose and Squirrel Craftsman Village

“They support local artists and other local businesses by providing tableside retail space seven days a week, a yard to play music and walls for artists to paint. They serve the BEST and most creative ice cream concoctions and are always ready to chat with anyone who walks through the door,” writes one nominator.

There’s a different theme for the frozen treats each week depending on the season, special events, or just a random Simpsons-inspired week.

Others say they appreciate the safe and welcoming atmosphere and that Ian and Carrie “show nothing but love and support to anyone who comes along. They gave people a reason to support local artists – vendors, muralists and musicians.

Craftsmen and artisans from Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Montana and even further afield are featured.

You might be tempted to go to Moose and Squirrel right now, but you’ll have to wait. The outdoor site is a seasonal operation that will welcome people when Ian and Carrie think the spring and summer weather is here to stay.

When they open, head to 651 Second St. SE for ice cream, music, and art. Learn more about Moose and Squirrel Artisan Village at or

Thanks for your nominations and thanks to Moose and Squirrel for helping us amplify Medicine Hat. If you would like to nominate a business that has made a difference in our community, click here and tell us how it amplifies Medicine Hat!