Cipla encourages people with asthma to accept and adopt inhalers in a series of myth-busting films

  • Cipla is back with the fourth chapter of #BerokZindagi to build awareness and drive acceptance of inhalation therapy for asthma patients.
  • It is conceptualized by Schbang.

Cipla Limited is back with its fourth chapter of #BerokZindagi, its biggest patient awareness initiative #InhalersHainSahi – which aims to help people with asthma live an unstoppable life with inhalers. The initiative focuses on raising awareness of asthma and the inherent role of inhalers in disease management. The campaign encourages patients to accept and adopt inhalers by eradicating the social stigma surrounding them. In the new chapter of the campaign, celebrities like Sonali Bendre, Satish Kaushik, Mandira Bedi and Priyanshu Painyuli supported the initiative by sharing their asthma stories. These celebrities will be seen in a series of Mythbuster films on digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more as they address misconceptions about the disease and help build patient confidence to accept inhalers.

The Mythbuster movie of this series was launched starring Satish Kaushik and Mandira Bedi.

The campaign aims to address some of the most pressing misconceptions about inhalers that persist. The main guiding idea for Asthma ke liye #InhalersHainSahi is that while inhalers are the right treatment for asthma, there are many obstacles in the minds of patients when it comes to accepting it. As a result, a large number of asthma patients do not accept inhalers. Besides social stigma, myths and misinformation around inhalers are some of the barriers that contribute to this.

India has 37.9 million cases of asthma, and despite the increase in the number, the use of inhalers, which is the most effective treatment, is extremely low1. In the current phase, the initiative is to normalize the use of inhalers in public by building the confidence of asthmatics.

Commenting on the campaign, Dr. Vikas Gupta, India Business Rx – Head, Cipla Ltd. said, “At Cipla, all of our efforts are focused on helping patients and enabling them to make the right choice. Through our #InhalersHainSahi campaign, we want people to come forward and talk about their experiences with asthma without any fear of judgment or stigma. We believe that the personal stories and experiences shared by individuals will inspire patients to overcome the myths associated with the disease and various treatment options such as inhalers. For us, it is very encouraging to see more and more people coming forward, telling their personal stories and joining the cause.

With the success of the previous campaign, there was a 52% ad recall and consideration of inhalers increased by 6%. (inhalers are good for asthma) by raising awareness and educating everyone about asthma and its proper treatment.

Speaking about the film, Mr. Akshay Gurani, CEO and Co-Founder of Schbang, said: “In a country where asthma is stigmatized and inhalers are looked down upon, we wanted to create awareness by promoting the social acceptance and adherence to inhalers. With the #InhalersHainSahi campaign our ongoing effort is to inspire patients to live a life without barriers. Our success over the past three years has motivated us to challenge social stigma through the education and we’ve taken a step forward by creating a series of mythic stories this year. This series of videos speaks to the stigma that asthmatics face and who better than these renowned asthmatics and role models themselves to tell their stories and getting our main message across – ‘Asthma Ke Liye Inhalers Hain Sahi'”

The campaign will be amplified on different digital media platforms like -YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and supported by Radio.