Ctg faces medical and critical care crisis following Sitakunda depot fire

“Patients with burnt airways will need an intensive care unit. But USIs are not available. For this, several private hospitals have been asked to keep the intensive care units ready,” said Chattogram Civil Surgeon Mohammed Elias Chowdhury.

June 05, 2022, 10:20 a.m.

Last modification: June 05, 2022, 11:34 a.m.

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Photo: TBS

Pharmacy owners in Chattogram said stocks of drugs used to treat burns had run out

Hundreds injured in the massive fire at the depot in the Sitakunda area have been sent to Chattogram Medical College Hospital (CMCH) and other hospitals in the port city, causing a crisis for medical and intensive care facilities in the city.

Pharmacies in front of the CMCH generally close after 11 p.m. When victims injured in the blaze were rushed to hospital on Saturday night, only six to seven pharmacies were open, leading to a burn-related medicine crisis.

Relatives of patients admitted to the burn unit rushed to collect the medicine. In an hour and a half, the stock of drugs used to treat burns runs out. Unable to find a way, relatives of the patient were forced to take alternative drugs from pharmacies. Many went to Hazari Alley in the Port City to pick up medicine.

“Patients with respiratory tract burns will need an intensive care unit. But the intensive care units are not available. For this, several private hospitals have been asked to keep the intensive care units ready,” said Chattogram Civil Surgeon Mohammed Elias Chowdhury told Business Standard (TBS).

“Three people with severe burns have been sent to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH). Forty people have been admitted to Parkview Hospital,” he said, adding that the CMH intensive care unit and the city ​​general hospital were kept ready; private hospitals have also been asked to keep the intensive care unit ready.

“Usually so many burn patients don’t come at the same time. So the medicines in our stock quickly ran out. As most of the stores were closed, we had to struggle to get the medicines. The medical crisis will fade d ‘here in the morning, hopefully, when all the pharmacies open,’ Nur Nabi Belal, owner of Apollo Pharmacy, told CMCH.

According to pharmacy owners, stocks of Iventi, Optimox, Monigen, Moxiquin, Moxilocin, Neotracin ointment, Polytracin ointment, Neobet ointment, Burna cream, Silcreem, Lubtean, Lacrima Eld, Protear Aprocin ointment are sold out.

Raju, who works at Gazi Pharmacy, said the pharmacy ran out of all burn-related medications by 1 a.m. after which they have to resort to alternatives. They ran out of all relevant medication at 2 a.m., he added.

Photo: TBS

Photo: TBS

Photo: TBS

The nightly medical crisis was caused by the large number of burn patients admitted to CMCH, he added.

“We have never witnessed such an incident. We had to deal with two problems for so many patients to come together in the event of a fire. One is the critical care crisis and the other is the medicine crisis.Due to the unavailability of intensive care beds, we sent several patients to the military hospital and general hospital after the initial treatment, Dr. Liton Palit, register of the burns and plastic surgery unit of the CMCH.

“Patients’ relatives could not bring needed medicine so late at night. They bought medicine made by different companies. Although not of the same quality, the medicine had to be applied. Medicines brought for a patient were to be applied to others. In the morning, the drug supply gradually returned to normal,” he added.

“Fifty percent of the patients admitted to the hospital’s burn unit and plastic surgery unit are in critical condition. Several patients have been kept on other wards due to lack of space,” said Rafiq Uddin Ahmed, head of CMCH’s burns and plastic surgery unit. told TBS.

At least 16 people have been killed and more than 200 including police and firefighters injured after a fire broke out at a container depot in Chattogram’s Sitakunda on Saturday night June 4.

The fire started at BM Container Depot in Bhatiari at around 11pm and many chemical containers exploded simultaneously. The explosions reportedly shattered the windows of several nearby buildings and were felt at locations as far away as 4 kilometers. Authorities are working to put out the fire.