Disabled dad drops kids off at school on tricycle, video warms hearts

No matter what obstacle comes their way, every parent always strives to provide for their children. A recent video shared online captured the sacrifices parents make for their children. Uploaded to Twitter by Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer Sonal Goel, the video shows a disabled man taking his children to school on a tricycle.

While it’s impossible to know where the video was shot, it says a lot. In the clip, a father is seen riding a tricycle and carrying his children to school. While her daughter is seated in the back of the cycle, the son is seen seated in the front. Despite his different abilities, the man did not despair and chose to pedal the bike with his hands.

The father does not let his disability hinder the future of his children and duly fulfills his duty towards them. Even when he has a small tricycle, he makes sure his children sit comfortably and get to school.

The touching video garnered over 1.4 lakh views on Twitter while moving many users to tears. Several internet users praised the father’s determination not to give up and to work hard in the face of adversity.

For this user, the man is a responsible father who devotes himself to his children.

One of them was even ready to step in and help the family in their difficult times.

This netizen made an evocative remark and hoped that one day people would stop sending their parents to nursing homes.

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