Ed Orgeron quits by Notre Dame Football, says Fighting Irish ‘will win it all’

Coach O is BACK.

There has been noise circulating in the college football world about the former LSU head coach Ed Orgeron visit Notre-Dame in recent days.

Of course, Ed was relieved of his head coaching duties as LSU (won a $17 million bag to do this), and takes time before inevitably returning to training. When will it happen? Who knows…but I can’t imagine Coach O staying away from the game for very long.

Brian Kelly, on the other hand, bailed out Notre Dame before their bowling game and rushed to LSU to take that job. He developed this weird fake accent, started dance with players like a weirdo…it was a bizarre start to the Brian Kelly era at LSU.

So what does Coach O do? Head to Notre-Dame and visit the former school of the head coach who took over your job.

After meeting head coach Marcus Freeman and the team, Coach O made a bold prediction for the future of the program, according to Interior N/A:

“What a great, great university you have here. What a great coach and what an excellent coaching staff you have. Some of the best players in the country are right here in this room.

I don’t know when it will happen, but this staff, this team will win everything, you will win the trophy.

I don’t know when it’s going to happen, I can’t tell you. How badly do you want it? You don’t have to wait. Why does anyone else have to be better than all of you?

He also shared some advice with Freeman, which he learned from his difficult time as head coach of Ole Miss, where he went 10-25 from 2005 to 2007:

“Don’t try to do everything. I tried to do everything at Ole Miss. You can not do that. Hire your staff, believe in them, let them.

“Let the players know you really care about them. Attack, defence, special teams – get close to all of them. And I see him doing that.

Meanwhile, Brian Kelly seems to be living in a hot land…

Coach Orgeron may have to punch a fool before spring break ends…

I grew up in the middle of nowhere in western Illinois and went to college at an EXTREMELY overpriced private school in downtown Chicago. Why? No idea…

And it wasn’t Loyola…so I don’t even get the college basketball hype every March (they lost today though).

And even if all this leads me to where I am today, one of my biggest regrets is not to go to a big public school where college football is part of the cornerstone of the experience. And I know the SEC is a whole different animal when it comes to college football, but at this point I would settle for a school that even had a football team…

I also never really have spring break. I mean, I went to Panama City Beach my freshman year, but it was a shitty sight. I did it all wrong…but it’s neither here nor there.

But all that said, if I had a school I could declare my allegiance to, I would want Coach Ed Orgeron to be the captain of the ship.

I mean, what a legend.

He may have cashed that $17 million dollar buyout check after that past season at LSU, and he may be taking a year or two out of coaching at the college level, but you’d be damned if you think Coach O is missing. Spring Break.

He was spotted in Cabo this week, locked up at the popular Mango Deck Beach Club.

The video conveniently omits what was said, but it looks like these clowns started talking shit.

And by that menacing look, it looks like Coach O might have a nice little fishing hole to put them…

Middle schoolers are being fearless (stupid) these days… I don’t want that Coach O smoke.

Coach O says Joe Burrow was the smartest person in the room at LSU

Joe Shiesty, Joe Cool, Joe Burrrrrrow… Joey Big Brains?

Ok, I made up the last one, but according to Coach O, Joe Terrier was the smartest man in the room at LSU … and right there, in this recruitment meeting is at that moment he knew that Joe would be the quarterback to lead their team to promised land.

But with a few of his LSU Tigers in Los Angeles for the superbowl this year, Coach O sat down for an interview with Dan Patrick and started talking about when he recruited Joe Burrow.

Dan asked Coach O when he realized Joe Burrow had that “it” factor that we all see playing out right before our eyes?

It was back on his recruiting visit…but it wasn’t in the field. It was in the movie theater…

“He says to me, ‘Coach, I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to hear your recruiting game… I just want to talk about football and eat crayfish.’

I was a bit frustrated to be honest, I couldn’t put my claws on him…I’ve never had a rookie who wouldn’t talk to the head coach.

We have a football meeting and we set up some coins he had run at Ohio State … and suddenly you start watching the movie, I begin to ask Joe questions, and I immediately said that Joe was the smartest in the room, including me and all the coaches. And I’m glad that fight.

And it showed me his football intelligence what I saw in that meeting is what you see today.

Trying to Land Adrian Peterson

Beginning in 1998, Coach O was hired as a defensive line coach at USC under head coach Pete Carroll, then was named recruiting coordinator in 2001 and assistant head coach in 2003 .

After stops at Ole Miss, New Orleans Saints and Tennessee, Coach O returned to USC in 2010, where he was one of the highest paid assistant coaches in college football under Lane Kiffin. In 2013, when USC hired Steve Sarkisian for him to replace Kiffin (he was head coach Acting at the time), he resigned.

Of course, we all know about his time at LSU and the rest is history.

But one of his biggest recruiting moves involved one of the greatest running backs of all time, Adrian Peterson.

“Man, I loved him…we’re going down to see Adrian, and Adrian had a great relationship. He liked Pete Carroll, I felt like him, and I was very tight.

I said, ‘Well Adrian, what is the key for you here at USC?’ He said, ‘well coach, my father is incarcerated and Bob Stoops went to see him.’ Me and Pete Carrol tried to visit him and they did not let us in.

He said: “My father can watch my games where it is if I go to Oklahoma.”

I tried to get the guy transferred to LA…I competed, couldn’t do it, but I competed.

The O and coach Pete Carroll have literally tried to transfer his father in a new prison so he could watch his matches at USC. Certainly it did not work, but it gives a whole new meaning to “by any means necessary.”

The O coach will take a year off, but this is certainly not the last of it.