Entrepreneurship in the Cuban capital bets on green medicine

Mediverde is a local development project belonging to the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana.

Photo: IPS Cuba Archives

Havana, February 27.- Creams to prevent premature aging and varieties of tea that offer benefits against cancer, blood disorders and to regulate cholesterol levels, among other conditions, are the proposals of the company Mediverde .

Master’s in Epidemiology and specialist in biopharmaceutical production, Annia Chibás, leads the multidisciplinary team which also includes a doctor, a biopharmacist, a marketing specialist, a pharmacist and an economist.

Since 2018, the group has been researching, developing, producing and marketing cosmetology and health products based on natural substances. Following the growth of this initiative, Mediverde is today a local development project belonging to the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana.

Its leader points out that the project was born with the aim “to deepen the benefits of nature, the correct and adequate use of medicinal plants, with the aim of obtaining, developing, innovating and commercializing products made with them”.

The creator of this Havana-based company aspires to expand its activity to other cities and towns in various Cuban provinces, without losing sight of the fact that the products can transcend national borders.

Offers for everyone

Amidst the lines of entrepreneurship that are developing in Cuba, Chibás refers, Mediverde finds an important market niche focused on the use of green medicine, with products designed for the whole family, regardless of gender or ethnicity. age. However, there is a marked interest in older people.

Since 2018, the group has been researching, developing, producing and marketing cosmetology and health products based on natural substances.

In this sense, the specialist in biopharmaceutical production indicates: “our offer is segmented into three fundamental lines: cosmetics, the green line and the healthy food line, three lines that directly affect the achievement of a better quality of life” .

Reports from the World Health Organization highlight the need to maintain a healthy diet as a means of preventing preventable disorders and diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity in adolescents and adults, as well as overweight in children.

However, the research itself refers to the overall increase in the production of high-calorie processed foods, where fats, salt and sodium predominate, while the consumption of vegetables and fruits without industrial processing does not is not sufficiently stimulated.

Related to the previous one, and in line with the possibilities existing in Cuba, Mediverde promotes the use of bananas and dried fruits as a basis for the development of its green line, since they are products rich in potassium and vitamins.

To look and feel better

On the other hand, the revitalizing cream of honey and aloe, says Chibás, is one of the most requested products by customers, given its restorative value and the properties of its active ingredients, which keep the skin rejuvenated. and hydrated, basically the complexion. .

Also, in this line, the Hechicera perfume, the natural nail fortifier and the guava leaf talc stand out.

In the case of the green line, the project markets several types of tea, including soursop, a fruit whose beneficial effects in the prevention of cancer have been confirmed by recent studies, in addition to favoring the dilation of blood vessels and, therefore, it affects the regulation of high blood pressure.

Specialists also point out the great usefulness of soursop in improving the symptoms of patients with diabetes and rheumatism, in addition to serving as an antidepressant and antiparasitic substance.

Chaya tea is in high demand. Chibás points out that this product has proven effectiveness against premature cell aging and cancer prevention.

The green line also includes palo caja tea, created to treat blood disorders and regulate cholesterol levels; and Fricciosan cream, another of Mediverde’s essential products, recently approved and very well received both by the elderly, for its anti-rheumatic use, and by those who practice sports and physical exercises professionally or not.

Facing the community

After four years, half of them in the middle of the epidemiological situation caused by covid-19 in Cuba, Mediverde maintains the exchange with the inhabitants of Old Havana. On Saturdays, the project’s creative team travels to the Chinatown community to sell their wares.

“Our offers are already known to the inhabitants of this place, as well as visitors from other municipalities of Havana”, explains Chibás.

He also comments that, in this community space, the project specialists systematically organize talks and educational conferences on the benefits of nature according to human needs.

Chibás points out that “the strict selection and monitoring of the raw material for their productions are the maximum guarantee of a happy result”.

This professional, member of the Women’s Forum in America, receives advice from this international institution to assume her work as an entrepreneur.

The creator of Mediverde trusts, with her team, in the growth of the project which, from research to the end of the production process, alternates knowledge and well-being. (2022)