Farrah Abraham gets new butt injections

Change it! Farrah Abraham debuted new butt injections after a trip to her plastic surgeon’s office in Beverly Hills on Friday, April 30.

The reality personality, 30, shared a clip showing her bare bottom in a white dress as she received butt injections to celebrate Mother’s Day. “Mother’s Day laughs brought on by laughing gas,” she joked. In another clip, Farrah showed her surgeon tending to her newly injected behind as she told her followers: ‘It’s in there. I’m so excited moms, check this out. Also opting for facial fillers, the My teenage dream ended the author concluded her mommy makeover with injections around her jawline.

Courtesy of Farrah Abraham/Instagram

The MTV star has changed his appearance several times since his first appearance in season 1 of 16 and pregnant and the OG teen mom alum is open with her followers about her plastic surgery journey. In the past, Farrah has detailed experiences with rhinoplasty, chin implants and several breast augmentations. In 2017, she recapped a vaginal rejuvenation operation which she hoped would restore her to her pre-birth state.

However, things took a turn in April 2018 when Farrah faced major embarrassment after she shared a video of herself receiving butt injections while her 9-year-old daughter Sophia recorded the procedure.

“You are crazy, why is your daughter filming it?” asked one upset Instagram commenter. “Soon it will be Sophia herself. What kind of mom are you? If I was in the US I would have called child services on you by now,” another said.

Ready to clap, Farrah replied, “It’s not invasive, just like blood tests or injections.” She added: “Our children are curious, so more power for Sophia by learning about aesthetics and health.”

No stranger to backlash from the public, more recently she faced major controversy for allowing Sophia to pierce her septum on her 13th birthday.

“For those who might think it’s inappropriate for my daughter to have her nose done by a professional, legally, I want to be legal,” she explained to TMZ in February 2022. “So, congratulations to Sophia. I wish her the best in her teenage years, and if she wants to have more piercings, more power to her. If she doesn’t, that’s great too.