FastestVPN is dropping the cheapest VPN deal we’ve ever seen – but price isn’t everything

When it comes to investing in reliable security software, a better VPN should always trump a great price.

For example, FastestVPN’s brand new VPN deal looks like a very tempting offer – at least on paper. To celebrate its 6th anniversary, new subscribers can decide how much to pay. With a price range of $15-$25 and $18-$40 for a 3 or 5 year subscription respectively, users can save up to 93% of the overall price (opens in a new tab).

Plus, FastestVPN also adds 2TB of Internxt cloud storage and PassHulk password manager as an added freebie – and for some, this deal might be worth it just for that.

However, due to poor performance in our tests, we wouldn’t place FastestVPN among our top VPN recommendations. And, after that, we’re not suggesting that everyone takes advantage of this offer – despite the incredible price.

Read on to find out why we think this deal from FastestVPN isn’t as good as it looks, and below we break down some top deals that might be worth checking out instead. .

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Is FastestVPN worth it?

While it’s probably the cheapest VPN deal we’ve ever seen, our testing showed that FastestVPN lacks some important features that its top-ranked competitors have had for some time.

First of all, if you are looking for a good streaming VPN, FastestVPN might disappoint you. We weren’t able to circumvent geo-restrictions on streaming platforms the last time we checked.

The fact that it does not support the WireGuard protocol – now a standard among the best security software – is probably the main reason for its poor performance in terms of connection speed. Despite the name, the provider’s average connection speeds are well below the fastest VPN services.

We also found some issues while using its apps. It’s probably because it’s been a while since the vendor has implemented any updates. Plus, an unimpressive support system and various technical issues make it even harder for us to recommend.

However, it’s worth noting again that this is an incredibly cheap way to pack 2TB of cloud storage and a password manager – and at just $18 for five yearsit’s an offer that’s hard to say no to.

Best VPN deals to choose from:

The good news is that FastestVPN isn’t the only provider with eye-catching discounts and plans. So here we’ve rounded up our top picks of today’s best deals: