Hardwell Releases Highly Anticipated Dark New Track “PACMAN”

Hardwell Releases Highly Anticipated Track ‘PACMAN’: Listen

Presenting yet another track from the ‘rebels never die‘, Hardwell is back with perhaps one of his most anticipated releases to date, ‘PAC-MAN‘.

Like many of the previous releases such as ‘broken mirror‘, ‘Fucking society‘ and ‘Dopamine‘ from the new album, Hardwell first premiered them during his massive Ultra Miami closing set, the set that saw him officially break his touring hiatus and make music for good. Now another lands in our hands and it turns out to be one of the biggest fan favorites so far, being “PACMAN”.

“PACMAN” is a track that perhaps displays his darker, more intense new sound, which has cooked over the four years he’s been buried in the studio, in the best way. Not only does it fill any room or festival setting with unrelenting energy, it also tells a story. The story, of course, revolves around the video game character whose track is named after. Turning what’s a fun, classic video game into an ominous, dark tale, like “People think it’s a happy game, well, it ain’t a happy game / But luckily Pac-Man don’t didn’t affect as children / Otherwise we’d be running around in dark rooms / Munching on pills and listening to repetitive electronic music” and “He programs and controls man, all that is that a metaphor / All he can do is consume / He’s being chased by demons, who’s probably just in his own head” further advances the menacing nature.

This is the 7th single from the album, and undoubtedly one of his best to date. As we listen to this “repetitive electronic music” just like the tongue-in-cheek words repeated throughout, let us know what you think of “PACMAN” and the new direction Hardwell is taking.

Image credit: Hardwell 2022 (via Facebook) / Provided by Urban Rebel PR