Hunted Drops New Gameplay Trailer with Map Update


Respawn Entertainment released a new trailer today for Apex Legends: Hunted as we get a better look at the upcoming gameplay changes. The biggest reveal of this new trailer is the reforged Kings Canyon map, which has apparently been slightly revamped in many ways. Nothing too groundbreaking, but it’s sure to be a game-changer for those who have the map memorized, as you’ll now be much more on your toes than normal. The trailer also gives us a better look at how the new legend, Vantage, will play in the game, as we’ve only seen teasers of his story so far. We also learned that there will be a level cap increase, a new Battle Pass, and more to be revealed later. We’ve got more developer notes below, along with this new gameplay trailer and the launch trailer that dropped a few days ago. The new content will launch on August 9, 2022.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment
  • New Legend Perk: After being forced to learn everything the hard way, Vantage is ready to hit the Apex Games with her best shot. As the ultimate survivalist, Vantage is incredibly skilled with a scoped weapon and can see a threat descend from her sniper scope thousands of feet away.
  • Reforged Kings Canyon: Harness your survival instincts further with the reforged Kings Canyon, formerly known as Skull Town, rising from the ashes as Relic. In the updated King’s Canyon, terraforming has altered popular ambush locations, expanding or closing them entirely, while the Cage has been opened up and replaced with a simple platform.
  • New Battle Pass: Become the ultimate survivalist with the new Hunted Battle Pass. On your way to mastery, earn a new music pack, loading screens, emotes, banner frames, and weapon charms.
  • Increase the maximum level: Aim for staggering heights with the new significant level cap increase. As the ascension continues, players can collect Legend Tokens and Apex Packs.

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