If You Have This Popular Allergy Medication, Stop Using It Now

Allergy season is in full swing, so you may have already purchased the usual products that you and your family desperately need. If Buzzagogo’s Allergy Bee Gone for Kids is one of them, know that there is a nationwide recall for a batch of the product.

Samples of the allergy remedy were tested and traces of Bacillus cereus were found. It’s a bacteria that can make anyone sick. However, it can lead to life-threatening illnesses in certain groups of people.

Allergy Bee Gone Reminder

Buzzagogo announced the Allergy Bee Gone recall this week. You can find the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcement at this link.

The product comes in individual tubes for topical nasal application. It is primarily used in children to treat seasonal allergy symptoms.

The detection of bacteria usually results in product recalls, whether they are found in food, beverages or medications. FDA testing has revealed that some Allergy Bee Gone may contain high levels of yeast and mold.

Additionally, the samples also tested positive for Bacillus cereus bacteria. As a result, Buzzagoog has issued a recall for a single lot.

You will need to look for the following identifier to determine if your Allergy Bee Gone is from the recalled lot: lot 2006491 with expiration date 8/2024 and UPC 860002022116. You will find the lot number and expiration date on the bottom of the carton.

Buzzagogo sold the Allergy Bee Gone nationwide. You may have purchased it from various retailers including Amazon. Additionally, the company sold it directly to consumers on its website.

Allergy Bee Gone for Kids reminder: product packaging. Image source: FDA

Why is Bacillus cereus dangerous?

People using the recalled medicine are at risk of developing Bacillus cereus infection.

Non-immunocompromised patients may develop infectious complications. Bacteremia and noninvasive fungal rhinosinusitis are potential side effects. But healthy people should experience less severe infection and are more likely to respond to treatment.

However, immunocompromised patients are at risk of severe disease, which can be fatal. Adverse effects include bacteremia/sepsis, pneumonia, invasive fungal rhinosinusitis and disseminated fungal infection.

However, Buzzagogo says it has not received any complaints of microbial issues or reports of adverse events related to the Allergy Bee Gone as part of the recall.

Allergy Bee Gone for Kids Reminder: Identifying information at the bottom of the package.
Allergy Bee Gone for Kids Reminder: Identifying information at the bottom of the package. Image source: FDA

what you should do

If you have Allergy Bee Gone from the recalled lot, you should stop using it now. The company will offer replacements or refunds. Customers should contact Buzzagogo to process their refund. You will find the relevant contact information in the recall announcement at this link.

Additionally, if you have experienced any medical issues from using Allergy Bee Gone, you should contact your physician. Likewise, you should also seek advice if you need to find a new allergy medicine after throwing away the recalled Buzzagogo product.