John Summit Drops New Summer Anthem “La Danza” On Defected

Chicago-based producer and DJ John Summit is an artist who has grown tremendously in a short time, breaking through with a slew of back-to-back hit singles and stellar performances. Now he has enthusiastically come up with another new bop house, “La Danza”, cementing his iconic place on the electronic music scene. The track is an addictive four-on-the-floor track featuring an extremely memorable Latin vocal, driving bassline, rhythmic drums, and tons of energy perfect for any party.

John Summit’s boundless energy is reflected in his musical releases and lively DJ performances. “La Danza” represents John perfectly, sonically showcasing his chunky bassline, ear-catching vocals and infectious grooves that are poised to dominate sound systems around the world. The track should be a summer anthem and should be washed down by a plethora of top DJs in the scene. Additionally, the track acts as her second standalone release on Defected since her track “Deep End” which garnered over 114 million streams and counting.

As his career skyrocketed, John Summit humbly rose to the challenge, consistently releasing a slew of stellar releases. Additionally, John does a fantastic job of bringing energy to the dance floor with his DJ performances while rinsing out a wide range of gems throughout his sets. As “La Danza” establishes its rhythms on the electronic scene, there is so much more to come from the young musician throughout the year.