McKenna Michels releases music video for “Broken Like This”

Watch the singer-songwriter’s regal and symbolism-laden music video for his new track.

We can’t think of a better message to promote on this sunny Thursday than self-love, and McKenna Michels is the perfect person to contribute to it. On his track “Broken Like This,” the singer-songwriter showcases his authoritative tone and preaches the importance of not giving in to outside pressure in the name of self-love. And, the result? A truly joyful pop ballad emerges with a beautifully stimulating edge.

To celebrate the track, Michels has now released her message-rich music video. As the multi-faceted entertainer poses in a regal gown and tiara, we see an ominous figure strip her of every garment until she’s no more than a corset, materializing the beauty of being your self. authentic.

“It symbolizes letting go of other people’s expectations and being true to who you are, even if it means losing a part of yourself and leaving the life you were living behind in the process,” the author explains. -songwriter discussing the music video. “Losing the weight of trying to be perfect in the eyes of others is painful but liberating and gives way to powerful self-discovery.”

Head below to listen to “Broken Like This”…