MyPurMist Steam Inhalers Provide Fast Natural Relief From Allergies, Sinus Congestion & More

I am a professional singer and recently developed acid reflux, which in my case is symptomatic of excess mucus being created in the stomach and flowing back into the throat causing vocal problems. For a singer, this is a serious obstacle when performing, and mucus accumulates in the throat, making it difficult to hit high notes. Luckily, I don’t have any allergies, but only acid reflux has caused my problems.

Certain medications, as well as changing eating habits, can help manage the problem. However, after researching different remedies and cures for this disorder, I found that MypurMist steam inhaler was a lifesaver for me to manage my voice. It was also helpful that other notable singers such as Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, LeAnn Rimes, Cyndi Lauper, Martina McBride, Yolanda Adams and Jackson Brown, highly recommended these effective devices.

Although the use of steam has been practiced through the ages to provide therapeutic relief to the respiratory system, it was usually delivered in a primitive way by holding the head over a pot of boiling water with a towel over it. the head to keep the steam contained. MyPurMist reinvented steam delivery by instantly delivering germ-free steam without the use of boiling water or a cover.

This system is safer, simpler and more convenient than previous methods. The mist is produced instantly and penetrates deep into your sinuses, nose and throat for superb relief. Although MyPurMist steam inhalers were primarily developed to provide helpful, symptomatic relief from allergies, sinusitis, colds/flu, coughs, laryngitis, dry throat and discomfort caused by sore throat, the benefits for a singer are equally therapeutic.

Otis on tour with Lakeside

When you inhale warm, moist natural steam, it decreases mucus production and reduces throat inflammation, while moistening the throat and vocal cords. The hot vapors act as a natural expectorant to comfortably remove excess mucus from the nasal passages.

Of the 3 versions of the inhaler that MyPurMist manufactures, I prefer the MyPurMist Wireless Ultrapure Steam Inhaler ($179.95), because it is very convenient when you travel and need to be mobile around your hotel room. It allows you to receive steam therapy while performing other tasks, and it instantly delivers a vaporous, germ-free, allergen-free, and pollutant-free fine mist wherever you are, without the restriction of a cord. Another version is the MyPurMist Classic Portable Steam Inhaler ($149.95), the portable steam inhaler that started it all. All the advantages of Free but without HEPA air purifier or wireless function.

The MyPurMist 2 Portable Ultrapure Personal Steam Inhaler ($119.95) is a more affordable plug-in design. The only advantage of this device is that you don’t have to worry about the battery draining. Both devices can be used with a hands-free strap, which frees up your hands to multitask. Straps can be purchased separately.

These inhalers all have the same features such as being 100% natural and 100% drug free, producing a 99.9999% germ-free warm mist, having instant steam for quick relief and an automatic drying cycle, which does not requires no cleaning. All of these incredible steamers are worth more than the asking price, and with the comfort and relief they provide, you can breathe easy.

Watch Ariana Grande use MyPurMist