Nine benefits to know about… complementary medicine

1. The therapies we use and the remedies suggested are evidence-based and often scientifically proven. Practitioners are continually improving their skills with courses and nutrition companies are always moving forward with new products and training courses. Complementary medicine is working with and enhancing the benefits of allopathic or regular medicine.

2. The root of all good health is based in the gut. The beneficial insects and bacteria we have in our large intestine outnumber the cells in all the rest of our body. Improving the health of these friendly little creatures is essential to creating and maintaining good health.

Many of them can be improved by increasing the amount of prebiotic foods we eat, such as onions, garlic, bananas, asparagus, leeks, oats, and apples. Building our own inherent microbiome can then be further enhanced by adding probiotics such as live natural yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi, miso and pickles. Specific probiotics in the form of tablets can also really improve and solve certain problems.

3. Increasingly, science is proving that what happens in our gut isn’t just about digestive health. We now know that most of our immune system health comes from the gut, which is vital in today’s climate. As we emerge from the pandemic, it is essential that we try to achieve optimal immune health as our greatest protector.

4. Gut health also controls our mental health. In fact, as we grow in the womb, the same cells in the gut also form our brains and there is a constant feedback system that works from the gut to the brain and vice versa. Excitingly, this means that what we put in our gut has an immediate and significant effect, first on our mood, but also on our mental health. This means we can exert a lot of control over the choices we make.

5. Inflammation is now considered one of the main causes of disease. It is the cause of such common problems as asthma, arthritis, intestinal problems and major problems such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and cancer.

Kinesiologists can perform simple food tests to identify trigger foods that may be causing allergy and inflammation issues. These foods can be temporarily removed from the diet, to give the system a chance to heal, then gradually reintroduced or alternatives researched, as we always aim to ensure that the major food groups are represented in the diet. In most cases, foods are added to the diet with recommendations for better food choices and how to easily and inexpensively improve eating habits.

6. We can check if any form of nutritional supplementation is needed to improve health. It’s not true that you’ve been able to get everything you need from your diet since the 1950s because over-farming has led to soil depletion. Obviously, if the nutrients aren’t in the soil, they can’t be in the vegetables and fruits we eat, or the grass and grains that animals eat.

Most of us benefit from a good multivitamin on a regular basis, as well as specific individual nutrients. Kinesiologists can verify and identify necessary nutrients.

seven. To be in perfect health, there must be a balance in all three areas of the body. These are the physical, chemical and emotional aspects. Physical is the health of organs, skeleton, bones and muscles. Chemicals refer to what we eat and drink, the toxins and chemicals we are exposed to, and the medications we rely on. Emotional health is also vitally important.

8. Long Covid is a very current issue and it can be difficult to find help with many of the debilitating issues. Kinesiology has long been useful for post-viral syndromes. Physically, the body may still harbor remnants of the virus, preventing normal healing, as well as an exhausted body trying to fight off the virus. There is often an unresolved emotional situation in the system of long-term patients struggling with this debilitating issue. The sooner treatment begins for such an energy problem, the better.

9. Acupuncture is one of the best treatments available for menopausal issues, especially hot flashes, insomnia, joint pain, and horrible mood swings. There is no need to suffer and as little as three sessions usually restore balance, sanity and sleep.

Roisin Armstrong is an acupuncturist, kinesiologist and EFT practitioner with clinics in Holywood and Portglenone. For appointments call 07770862637 or Bannside Pharmacy, Portglenone on 028 2582 1333