Prime Minister Modi blames previous governments for students going abroad to study medicine

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi blamed previous governments for large numbers of Indian students going abroad to pursue medical studies and said his waiver was working to increase the number of medical colleges so that students can enroll in the country.

While interacting with students from different parts of Uttar Pradesh who returned from war-stricken Ukraine, Modi also sympathized with the students and their families who expressed their anger even at him after he faces difficulties in Ukraine.

“I think it’s natural for them to feel angry in this crisis,” he said, adding that they faced hardships and braved the cold.

The government has launched “Operation Ganga” to evacuate Indian citizens, mostly students, from Ukraine which has been attacked by Russia.

When they are no longer agitated and begin to understand the magnitude of the exercise, they will also show their affection, the Prime Minister says, as many students expressed their thanks to him and praised his government for saving them when they had lost all hope. .

A strong India is the answer to these problems, Modi said, expressing sympathy for the students who, he added, had to go through such an experience at a young age.

“If the medical education policies were correct earlier, you wouldn’t have to go abroad,” he said, adding that no parent wants their children to go abroad at a so young age.

His government is working to correct past mistakes, he added.

There were 300 to 400 medical colleges before, and now there are nearly 700, Modi said. The number of seats they offer has now increased to 1.5 lakh from 80,000 to 90,000 previously, he said.

“My effort is for every district to have a medical college. Probably there will be more doctors trained in 10 years than in the last 70 years,” he said.

It will be a great thing because young students won’t have to travel abroad and their families won’t have to do so under such stress, he added.

Addressing the students, Modi said everyone should keep doing something for the country.

“You had to go through such an experience in life at such a young age in a remote place alone. I can imagine the mental state you would have been in. Now we are able to evacuate people properly,” he said. he declared.

The students shared their experiences with Modi, who is touring the state as part of the BJP’s campaign for the ongoing Assembly polls.

Modi represents Varanasi constituency in Lok Sabha.

Sharing their experience, some students said they lost all hope after Russia launched an attack on Ukraine and they could not have returned without government support.

Some other students said they did not face any difficulties and received adequate facilities from the Indian Embassy there.

“After the attack started, it looked like I couldn’t come back and I saw death up close. I’m proud to be an Indian and you as prime minister,” one student said, adding that the display of the Indian flag on their windows and buses ensured that the Russian forces let them go without causing any trouble.

Another student expressed his family’s gratitude to the Prime Minister, saying they believed only he could do something after being stranded in Ukraine. “You were remembered only next to God,” he said.

Even students from some other countries also used Indian flag to get smooth passage from Russian army, one of them said.

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