Ryan Garcia drops and overpowers Emmanuel Tagoe on return; Oscar Del La Hoya wants to make ‘the biggest fight of the decade’ with Gervonta Davis

Ryan Garcia made a successful return to the ring with a unanimous decision victory over Emmanuel Tagoe on Saturday night.

Garcia dropped and overpowered his opponent to take a 119-110, 119-110, 118-109 decision and handed the now Ghanian 32-2 just the second defeat of his career, but that was only his third fight outside Ghana.


Garcia looked impressive in his comeback against modest opposition

In front of nearly 15,000 people, Garcia showed no signs of rust after his 15 months out of the ring and he picked up the win over Tagoe.

The pattern for the fight was set as soon as the 23-year-old seemed motivated to put on a show and dispatch his opponent, but Tagoe was stubborn and found ways to hang on and survive.

Garcia dropped Tagoe in the second round. He chased the Ghanian around the ring after landing a strong flurry and after breaking away from the clinch, dropped him with a right hand.

The lightweight prospect also nearly put Tagoe away in round 10, but it wasn’t to be for Garcia on his return.

Garcia beat Tagoe, but couldn't put him to bed


Garcia beat Tagoe, but couldn’t put him to bed

Speaking after the fight, Garcia resisted calling out names: “In the past, I always follow those legends,” Garcia said.

“But I’ve grown and matured, and I’ll let my team deal with that. When it’s on, it’s on. But from now on I will trust my team and we will move forward.

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya makes the call for him. The former three-weight champion appealed to Gervonta Davis to call him after it was revealed he was no longer being promoted by Floyd Mayweather.

De La Hoya thinks Tank vs. Garcia would be the “greatest fight of the last decade”.

Davis and Garcia are two of a star division's biggest hopes

Davis and Garcia are two of a star division’s biggest hopes

“I will sign it! Absolutely,” De La Hoya told TMZ last week. “Then make him fight Ryan. The biggest fight of the last decade.

“I wouldn’t mind making a three-fight deal with him just to make the Ryan fight happen,” De La Hoya said.

“Tank, call me!” Approach me whenever you are free, if you are free.

De La Hoya wants to be the man to make the fight


De La Hoya wants to be the man to make the fight

De La Hoya added: “I respect Mayweather. Great career with Mayweather, he promoted you in an incredible way but if you’re free I’m here. Let’s make the fight happen with Ryan Garcia.

“We’re going to make him a lot of money. I’ve been in this business for 22 years, so I’ve promoted the greatest fighters, including Mayweather. Then I’ll bring him a heck of a lot of money.