The right tools for safe pig injections

What is a reliable syringe?

April 27, 2022

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The success of an injection campaign is guaranteed by rigorous organization and optimal planning. But it also depends on the right choice of syringe and needles. Both have a clear impact on delivering an accurate dose and provide full protection even down to the last injected animal.

What is a reliable syringe?

Excellent performance of Socorex® syringe is achieved by careful design and material selection. The ground glass body and metal plunger have proven to be very reliable for any type of vaccine or suspension. Metal valve balls and springs work best when hundreds of injections are made in a row. Good sealing of the piston without O-ring greatly facilitates maintenance and avoids any problems during work. In addition, the easy disassembly for cleaning and the availability of spare parts extend the life of the syringe and make it more economical in the long run.

Learn more about needles

Socorex Luer Lock Needles are made of durable stainless steel and have a thick wall reducing the risk of needle breakage. The very sharp bevel limits skin wounds even after many consecutive injections. To minimize tissue damage, prefer the smallest possible needle size (gauge), while taking into account the thickness of the vaccine. A smooth flow should be ensured to reduce hand fatigue and unnecessary animal stress. Socorex premium quality needles are supplied in safety packaging with a sliding lid, limiting the risk of injury when handling the needles.

Useful accessories

Supplied as accessories, two rigid extension tubes increase the distance between the syringe and the animal. This has proven useful for reaching pigs on the ground without having to bend down. The extensions also make it possible to vaccinate animals in a truck or inside a cage. Equipped with Luer Lock fittings for quick assembly, the extensions are available in lengths of 20 and 35 cm. The small internal diameter of the tubing limits the dead volume and the loss of product. Manufactured in rigid PVDF, they are fully autoclavable.

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