Tri-Cities Functional Medicine publishes a guide to common dry skin symptoms of autoimmune diseases

RENO, NEVADA, USA, April 12, 2022 / — Tri-Cities Functional Medicine has released guidance on whether dry skin is a common sign of autoimmune disorders. Although many autoimmune diseases have varying symptoms, many show signs through dry, scaly skin.

Often, autoimmune diseases go undiagnosed until the symptoms become unmanageable. People should note common symptoms that many accompany with autoimmune disorders, including:

– Skin problems
– Chronic tiredness
– Swelling and joint pain
– Digestion problems or abdominal pain
– Frequent fever
– Swollen glands

These are common cold or flu symptoms, making it difficult to know if an autoimmune disease is the cause. Since these conditions affect the whole body, it could indicate an autoimmune disease if someone has skin problems.

Conditions that show signs through your skin include:

– Eczema – red, dry, painful, burning and itchy skin
– Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis – red, dry, itchy, scaly patches of skin
– Scleroderma – hard and dry skin
– Thyroid diseases – dry, red, swollen or thickened skin
– Type 1 diabetes – brown, scaly skin
– Lupus – butterfly-shaped rashes on the cheeks and nose

Traditional practices usually give someone a special cream, lotion or ointment for your skin and may miss the underlying problem. Functional medicine addresses the whole body and assesses what is causing the symptoms. This method can make it easier to spot autoimmune diseases since practitioners address everything that may be going on.

Skin issues can be the tip of the iceberg if someone has an autoimmune disease. Dr. Radawi is a functional medicine practitioner who can help someone who may have a skin condition with possible underlying issues.

Tri-Cities Functional Medicine is a functional medicine practice based in Johnson City, Tennessee. People living with skin conditions should visit the Tri-Cities website for a free webinar and learn more.

Tambri Radaoui
Tri-City Functional Medicine
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