Visakhapatnam: two arrested for “illegal sale” of Fortwin injections

On Saturday evening, City Task Force (CTF) officials raided and arrested two people as they sold pentazocine injections, also known as Fortwin injections, which are used as mind-altering substances in Venkojipalem in the city.

Those arrested were identified as Pogiri Srinu (39) alias Bulli from Bheemunipatnam and Pabbithi Ravi Kumar (26) from Allipuram. Another defendant has yet to be arrested in this case.

CTF teams seized Pentazocine injections – 270 ampoules (5 boxes of 200 ampoules and another 70 ampoules in bulk), except for ₹1,600 in cash and two mobile phones.

The raid was led by Deputy Commissioner of Police (CTF) A. Trinad Rao with a team of law and order officers, on the instructions of Police Commissioner Ch. Srikanth under the supervision of the ADCP, Special Branch K. Anand Reddy,

During questioning, the defendants allegedly confessed that they sold the sedative injections to the youth for easy money. The defendant also disclosed that he used to buy the bulbs in boxes (each box containing 50 bulbs worth ₹6,000) and sell them for ₹10,000 per box or ₹300 per bulb to the young.

Police said an investigation was underway to determine the local customers and the source from which the injections came. The accused were handed over to MVP Police for further investigation.

Injectable pentazocine, used as an analgesic after surgical operations, can only be sold by hospitals or medical practices, which have a narcotics license. Use is strictly administered by a physician and use must be recorded in a registry.

Deputy Police Commissioner Sumit Sunil called on parents to closely monitor their children’s behavior, and if any abnormality or signs of depression are seen, they should immediately take their children for counseling.

“Parents can also take advantage of the facilities of the Municipal Police Counseling Center ‘MARPU’, where several child drug addicts have been counseled and efforts have been made to bring about change in their lives,” he added. .