Which outdoor snack is the most beneficial? | NEWS.am Medicine

Parks and beaches offer snacks such as cotton candy, candy bars, brownie buns, ice cream, and the hit of all recreation areas – boiled corn. Arguments and Fakcts indicates that the potential harms of candies, cotton candy, and pies of unknown manufacture have already been discussed more than once, both as a staple and as a snack.

In the program “About the most important”, Dr. Sergei Agapkin noted that boiled corn can be called a healthy snack in the fresh air and more useful than ice cream.

“Corn is called sweet corn. But if you think about how much sugar it has, it only has about 2 cc’s or 4 grams. And a cup of ice cream has five of those cubes. , plus more fat,” said Sergei Agapkin. .

And corn as a snack becomes a great option. And also, as adds the medical nutritionist Michael Ginzburg, positively influences health. It is therefore necessary for a good mood because it contains tryptophan. Corn contributes to joint health thanks to its silicon content, necessary for the production of the substance that coats the cartilage. It can be consumed to prevent aging due to its selenium content, which is an antioxidant and protects against progressive atherosclerosis and inflammation.

The product also contains biotin, which is good for the skin, hair and nails and helps cell renewal. In addition, corn also helps in hematopoiesis.

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