Whiddon College of Medicine welcomes largest class

Posted on July 29, 2022


The 80-member Class of 2026 is the largest medical school class in the history of Frederick P. Whiddon College of Medicine, which welcomed its chartered class in 1973.

Frederick P. Whiddon College of Medicine at the University of South Alabama welcomed its largest ever incoming class, 80 Class of 2026, with a week of orientation activities ranging from informational to interactive to social.

After a welcome Monday by John Marymont, MD, MBA, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Vice President of Medical Affairs, students heard from faculty from the Offices of Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion and the medical education.

“It’s always exciting to welcome new members to our College of Medicine family, and we’re thrilled to have the class of 2026 here,” said Kelly Roveda, MD, associate dean of student affairs.

During the week, students received basic life support training, attended a club fair, and toured campus facilities. They were treated to a dean’s dinner at BB-Quing With My Honey and an ice cream social featuring Cammie’s Old Dutch.

The week ended with a welfare home sorting in which the students were divided into five groups named after the five rivers that feed Mobile Bay. They will continue with the welfare houses, made up of students from all four classes, throughout their medical school years. “It’s so wonderful that we can come back and do things in person like sorting out welfare homes this year,” said Becky Smith, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, counselor for Whiddon College of Medicine. , referring to previous years where activities were held virtually due to COVID restrictions. “We look forward to hosting even more in-person wellness events this year.”

Roveda said more than 20 second-year medical students were involved in planning, organizing and implementing the orientation events. The Orientation Team was led by Yulong Huang and Naden Kreitz, both members of the Class of 2025. “The enthusiasm expressed by the Orientation Team was felt by all participants, as team members were in attendance every day scheduled just to be the incoming class,” she said. “Students like those on the team are a big reason why our medical school is so successful.”